How to Choose the Right Solar Inverter

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right solar inverter for your solar power system, but luckily, we can help you narrow down the field. Keep watching for tips on how to distinguish between different solar inverters so you can make the best choice before purchasing yours!


1 Learn about the commonly used solar inverters.

Generally speaking, there are three major types of solar inverters on the market, grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid inverters.

  • Grid-tie inverter: It functions to convert DC to AC, with the ability to synchronize to interface with a utility line. This inverter is designed to transmit your unused electricity to the grid and has no battery. MTTP technology may be equipped in its input circuitry.

    Grid-tie inverter

  • Off-grid (Stand-alone) inverter: It works to convert DC to AC from a storage battery. These inverters are used to provide electricity to a number of residential and commercial projects. These lower-watt ones are mainly used to power the appliances in each family.

    Off-Grid Solar Inverter

  • Hybrid inverter: This product also functions to convert DC to AC and its difference is that it can be used in both a grid-tie PV system and an off-grid PV system.


Compare the efficiency of different types of solar inverters.

Since efficiency is the soul of every solar inverter, it is necessary to stress this point when you choose your inverter. However, not all high-efficiency inverters are suitable for your personal conditions, so please be careful when making your final decision. So you don’t get confused you can talk to the Icellpower support team and we will be glad to help you out.


Take notice of the important parameter of each solar inverter.

A solar inverter doesn’t generate electricity but it needs a certain series of parameters to make sure it works effectively. The important elements you should pay attention to are its input DC voltage, output AC voltage, frequency, and the circuitry that suits it. For example, for a typical residential solar power system, the input voltage is 24 and 48 VDC.


4 Make sure the inverter you choose has stout features.

Solar inverters are often installed outside a building. If so, they must be strong enough to protect themselves from different weather conditions. In this case, you need to check whether the inverter has a hard shell or some technology that guarantees it can work well even in unexpected conditions. You know, high temperature raises the PV system’s voltage, and low temperature makes its voltage decrease. If the maximum voltage specification is exceeded, the inverter may get damaged or become even worse. When the system’s voltage is too low, the inverter might stop working. Icellpower makes this feature a top priority in the production of our inverters making them withstand terrible weather conditions.


5 Examine the inverter’s cooling system.

A cooling system is needed for any electrical devices. A solar inverter that might be installed outside a house or in the open air, can produce lots of heat from sunlight and work. Due to this concern, you must choose an inverter equipped with a cooling system that works efficiently.

cooling fins in inverters

6 Search the web to learn the supplier’s reputation.

You may meet some brands unknown to you, so you need to search the web and check their rankings in Google or any other giant search engine. At the same time, you also need to read others’ news, blogs, forums, comments, reviews, and other forms of words about them.

Icellpower has garnered the best reviews both online and offline with a large customer base ranging from home users to banks, factories, and large base offices.


7 Inquire about the warranties and services the supplier offers for its products.

Icellpower provides you with a 12-month period of warranty on every inverter purchased. With this, you don’t have to worry about a bad product within this period.

Our warranty scheme is a surety of how confident we are of the durability and deliverability of our inverters. You don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve got you covered all the way.

Icellpower 12 months warranty

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